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Definicja słowa "unpunished":
rate 1. not punished
rate 2. adj (after verb; not gradable) not punished If a referee allows a foul like that to go unpunished he's asking for trouble. It might be his first offence but if people like him go unpunished it sets a bad example to others. unputdownable (adj) (informal) - (of a book) so exciting that you do not want to stop reading it" Was it a good read?" " Oh, totally unputdownable - I read it solidly for two whole days. "
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Angielski Armeński
Tak, to jak można powiedzieć "unpunished" w armeński.
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America: Wake Up, Stand Up, Speak Up (3/12/2013)
Author pens End of Days novel for Christian and secular audiences alike(PRWeb April 07, 2011)
Jim Beasley, Jr. of The Beasley Firm Named One of Top Plaintiff’s Lawyers by Shook, Hardy & Bacon Published in Am Law Litigation Daily (3/12/2013)
Jim Beasley, Jr. of The Beasley Firm has been named one of the top plaintiff’s lawyers in 2010 by Shook, Hardy & Bacon product liability and mass torts partner Mark Behrens and of counsel Cary Silverman in The Am Law Litigation Daily.(PRWeb February 24, 2011)
UN Foundation Women & Population Executive Director Tamara Kreinin Remarks on UN Security Council Resolution to Protect Women in Conflict Situations (3/12/2013)
The United Nations Foundation applauds the Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for its strong stance and continued efforts to end sexual violence against women and children in conflict-related situations.(PRWeb October 03, 2009)
MJPC Joined HRW in Calling to Hold the Congolese Army Accountable for War Crimes (3/12/2013)
Failing to hold accountable soldiers who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity will result in continued sexual violence against girls and women in the DR Congo, says MJPC.(PRWeb June 13, 2009)
Sean Bell: Restorative Justice Now! (3/12/2013)
NY Faith & Justice, a rising movement of diverse churches, faith organizations and individuals dedicated to addressing poverty-related injustice is calling on Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg to endorse the Conversations for Change project and, in addition, to mount a city-wide truth commission on police-related violence.(PRWeb April 30, 2008)
Controversial Revelation of Death Penalty Injustice, Last Words from Death Row, Scheduled for Release in April 2007 (3/12/2013)
Nightengale Press will release Last Words from Death Row written by Norma Herrera in April 2007.(PRWeb April 17, 2007)
American Association for Affirmative Action Condemns the Statements of Radio Personality Don Imus (3/12/2013)
Racial Remark Reflects Systemic Discrimination in the American Workplace(PRWeb April 11, 2007)
Author Bill Stoneking Gains International Recognition with His Book 'The Diary of a Patient Man, a Father's Struggle' (3/12/2013)
Children's rights, father's rights and domestic violence against fathers are constantly ignored by the judicial branch of our constitutional democracy, said author Bill Stoneking when releasing "The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father's Struggle" in October 2006, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Stoneking's work and the true story of his nightmarish experience in the family court system shows the inhumane treatment that father's and children frequently receive and the need to aggressively discipline judges for abusing their bench and for supporting what he calls "domestic terrorism" against American families.(PRWeb December 29, 2006)
National Rally In Lancaster Pa (3/12/2013)
On October 14th 2006, Unite Against Puppy Mills (UAPM) is holding a national rally in Lancaster County Central Park, Lancaster Pennsylvania. A very big project, Ruffin' It... A Day in the Park will be the first of its kind for UAPM! Activities will include contests, games, food, and entertainment. The rally will be from 10am-3pm. The goal of the rally is to bring attention to the national tragedy of wholesale puppy brokeraging and the deplorable conditions and detriment to canine health these puppy mills generate.(PRWeb August 21, 2006)
American Politics Not Business As Usual (3/12/2013)
As all are aware, being published daily through out the web and the various other media outlets to build a national organizational movement is methodical if nothing else. It would mean a great deal to the beginning of this movement if each reader would consider emailing the following to all constituents.
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Słownik Angielski - Armeński
else, approve, italian, mighty, glass, mother, purse, ring, brain, physical

Słownik Armeński - Angielski
հասակավոր, լիբերալ, մատույց, աղբանոթ, հանդիսատես, աներեւույթ, քայքայվել, առաջներում, անախորժ, տիպ
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